Nissan turns gamer into Juke-R ice racer

Richard Aucock
Nissan Juke-R on ice(Nissan)
Nissan helped star gamer-turned-racer Lucas Ordonez experience ice driving for the first time on a high-speed test track in Norway.
The Spanish racer was driving the radical GT-R-derived Nissan Juke-R, recently confirmed for limited-run production, and admitted it was his first time driving on ice.
"I've never driven a car on ice," he said - but despite that (and one minor off...), the GT Academy winner still acquitted himself well.
That's despite Ordonez arriving at the frozen circuit fresh from driving his Nissan racer in the sweltering heat of Dubai's Desert Nemesis for the 24-hour race there!
Nissan has released a video of the ice run in the Juke-R, showing Ordonez getting the 485hp Nissan Juke-R more sideways than it perhaps has ever been before.
The icy conditions of the Losna Isbane Ice Track were certainly a new experience for Spaniard Ordonez, but he wasn't daunted by the challenge. "It should be fun," he commended, before taking to the track.
Check out yourself the video of the first time Nissan's gamer-turned-racer took to the ice ...
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