Gemballa reveals real diamond car coating

Gemballa reveals real diamond car coating
If the Royal Family is still struggling for a present for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, then high-end German tuner Gemballa might just have the answer – a new vehicle finish that’s made from real diamonds.
Gemballa’s new genuine diamond coating, which can be applied to both the outside and the inside of your car, is made from precisely ground stones and sprayed on like paint.
Since diamonds have the strongest light refracting properties of any precious stone you’re probably going to want to go easy on the interior – but if you’re looking for an exterior finish that sparkles like nothing else then this is tough to beat.
Diamonds are also amongst the hardest of all naturally occurring substances, so it should do a great job of protecting that precious paintwork, too. Although heaven only knows whether that will be enough to offset the inevitable damage having actual diamonds plastered all over your car will do to your insurance premium.
However, given the undisclosed but likely outrageous cost, the kind of clientele this coating is aimed at probably won’t be too worried about that.
If any of those Royal Range Rovers start to look suspiciously shiny you’ll know what happened…
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