217mph Mercedes C63 Black Series

217mph Mercedes C63 Black Series
Well – obviously – the 517hp Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series isn’t powerful enough. No matter that it already has 60hp more than the standard C63 AMG Coupé, some people just are not going to be satisfied.
Which is where tuners like Väth step in.
Meet the Väth C63 Black Series, which rocks to the very heavy beat of 756hp thanks to the German Mercedes-fettler’s V63 supercharger kit.
756hp. That’s approaching 10 per cent more than you get out of Lamborghini Aventador, driving the rear wheels of a C-Class. And with 590lb ft also on offer, let’s all say a little prayer for the gearbox.
Helping the blower reach maximum potential, it’s supported by an air and water cooling system, an ECU so remapped it must be on the verge of particularly nasty hangover, and a stainless steel exhaust complete with trick valving.
Although the Black Series already features adjustable suspension, Väth offers its own modified set up that can lower the ride height 20-65mm and includes variable dampers.
Meanwhile, the 20-inch alloy wheels hide huge 405mm brake discs. Since the car will now go 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds – down from 4.2 – and can hit 217mph flat out this is probably for the best.
Previously the Black Series’ highest top speed was an electronically limited 186mph.
It’ll cost you €38,000 just for the engine work – that’s around £30,500 at current exchange rates – but assuming you can budget to replace those rear tyres at regular intervals it’s probably worth every penny for the shock value alone.
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