Austin Powers Union Jack Jaguar E-Type for sale

Jaguar E-Type(ER Classic Cars)
The famous Union Jack-liveried Jaguar E-Type driven by Austin Powers in the 1999 movie The Spy Who S*****d Me has been put up for sale - for £71,000.
The 1970 Series 2 Jaguar E-Type is one of two cars used in the filming of the hit movie, and is famously known the world over as the "Austin Powers S***uar".
It was fully restored in 1999 prior to filming and, since then, has covered under 6,500 miles. The 4.2-litre car was mainly used for promotion of the film in the USA, which is why it's a left-hand drive car.
As the images show, the interior was also given a Union Jack makeover, in distinctive coloured leather. This, like the rest of the car, is described as being in very good condition.
The Belgian-registered car was bought two years ago by a Belgian collector from the film studio itself - and comes complete with a letter of authenticity from the film company, verifying its famous history.
Apparently, the Belgian collector is selling it because, although he enjoyed driving it, his wife thought it was attracting too much attention...
Where will it go now? The dealer selling the car, Ernest Praag of ER Classic Cars in The Netherlands, says it's an ideal tool for promotional duties during the London Olympics - which, coupled with its famous past, is why it's up for such a bold price.
Don't worry about getting it over here, though: ER Classic Cars says it can help with transportation, and reckons it's easy to register here in the UK as well.
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