­1,200hp Lamborghini Aventador hits 62mph in 2.2 secs

Tim Kendall
Underground Racing's Lamborghini9 Aventador with 1,200hp(Underground Racing)
Meet the amazing 1,200bhp Underground Racing Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. Not a fictional X-Box hypercar, but a modified twin turbo version of the 6.5-litre V12 Aventador. With 690bhp out of the box, if we were to name anything lacking from the factory car, it's a sense of alignment with this age of austerity, rather than horsepower.
Read a Lamborghini Aventador review Still, North Carolina based Underground Racing clearly didn't agree and saw an urgent need to address the horsepower deficit. Deciding that the Aventador's Veyron-troubling 2.9 second 0-62mph time was a little slothful, Underground set about meddling with the Lambo's innards shortly after the first examples arrived on US soil: "We spent a lot of time driving and studying the inner workings of the Aventador, and this platform is amazing, but it still seemed to be missing something - acceleration. The kind you can only get from a friend I call, BOOST!" Well, quite. But rather than a bolt on turbo kit and Hank's your uncle, the Underground team insist on a full engine build process for the Aventador, which Lamborghini apparently made "hard to modify for the aftermarket world".
Watch a Lamborghini Aventador review We're guessing it's possible that the engineers in Santa Agata thought nearly 700bhp and 217mph were quite adequate for most buyers. The result of around 75% more power over the standard car is a scarcely credible 2.2 seconds to 60mph, according to the North Carolina-based tuning outfit. Apparently that figure was clocked on standard tyres - and with ostensibly few other modifications elsewhere apart from Underground Racing's own Quickshift upgrade to the seven-speed paddle shift 'box.
Underground don't mention any brake upgrades, although the carbon stoppers fitted to the standard car are more than likely up to the job of hauling down 1.7-tonnes of charging bull. In fact the company is pretty tight-lipped about the precise changes to the oily bits, citing attempts by other tuners to "knock off" versions of their power mongering spanner work. And the price for 1,200bhp of accelerative mischief? There's currently no word from the company behind it, but we're guessing you'd need to hand over a healthy five figure sum on top of the Aventador's £250k price tag to stick a rocket up your bull.
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