EN61 AND registration sold at big auction for £15k

EN61 AND registration sold at big auction for £15k
The DVLA has sold the registration plate EN61 AND to one dedicated football fan for an appreciable £15,600.
The 2012 footballing European Championship is now well underway, with England set to play tomorrow evening, and to mark the major sporting event the number plate was put up for auction along with a group of other sports related registrations.
The plate was bought by publican Brian Brody at the auction in London’s City Hall – the staunch England fan believes it’s an excellent way to share his support for the national football team and that the auction was something he “couldn’t resist”.
The registration BU11 DOG also fetched a high price, with the gavel eventually falling at £16,400.
With this summer’s London Olympic Games, there were plenty of Olympic-related plates up for grabs, too.
London 2012 ambassador and 4x400m relay Olympic silver medallist Iwan Thomas presented the registrations REL 44Y and RUN 3R at the event, which fetched £730 and £2,548 respectively.
Following the Diamond Jubilee celebrations last weekend, there will be a number of royal-themed plates up for grabs over the on-going three-day event – the registrations PR11 NCE and HA12 RRY will be going under the gavel, both carrying a reserve of £2,000.
The sale of Olympic themed lots amassed £122,400 from the auction’s first 50 lots. The auction event continues over the weekend.
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