Nissan Juke Box – the world’s loudest car stereo

Nissan Juke Box – the world’s loudest car stereo
Nissan has marked a new long-term partnership with Ministry of Sound with a radical new Juke boasting a 150db sound system – ingeniously called the Juke Box!
The one-off Nissan Juke Box is louder than a jumbo jet taking off, and will debut at Le Mans this weekend prior to embarking on a ‘Summer Sessions’ tour across Europe.
The 18,900-watt system is completely self-powered and allows Nissan to create pop-up parties: the Juke Box morphs into a full PA system with DJ booth and, remarkably, its own ambient lighting system.
Nissan has also included a radio studio, so anything played on the Juke Box system will be captured and broadcast on Ministry of Sound’s digital radio app.
The tie-up with Ministry of Sound reaches further than just installing a custom-built 19 kilowatt rig into a Nissan Juke, though. There’s a bespoke Ministry of Sound widget on Nissan’s Facebook page, while Nissan Juke Box Sessions will be broadcast fortnightly on Ministry of Sound’s digital radio channel – using sets taken from the Juke Box tour itself.
Gareth Dunsmore, marketing communications Nissan in Europe said: “We have made a great product that we believe creates excitement through our innovative approach to the small car market; Ministry of Sound is the industry leader in creating the moments people live for through their bespoke sound systems.
“Together with Nissan Design Europe, RML and Ministry of Sound we wanted to challenge the establishment and make something truly unique.”
They’ve certainly done that. The tie-up is also little short of genius to clubbers who know their history, too: Ministry of Sound is famous for its club sound system, which opened its doors in 1991 – a five-sided, acoustically-perfect room called… The Box.
The Nissan Juke Box will make its public debut during the drivers’ parade at the start of the Le Mans 24 hour race: Nissan is also releasing a two-part webcast to show how the world’s most powerful car stereo was created.
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