Free Nissan LEAF taxis this weekend

Free Nissan LEAF taxis this weekend
Londoners will be able to enjoy free Nissan LEAF taxi rides this weekend if they send a tweet that includes a special hashtag code.
Professional taxi drivers have replaced their regular cabs for Nissan LEAF electric cars, and are being run around the Capital to highlight Nissan’s claim the EV is six times cheaper to fuel than a regular car.
To grab a free taxi ride, passengers have to use the hashtag #6xcheaper, followed by their destination.
The campaign is part of Nissan’s plans to showcase electric motoring to the masses. Nissan wants to use real-life rides combined with a buzz from Twitter to spread the word: it already claims to have 1 million ‘turn-ons’.
“As each journey costs us so little, we’re not charging passengers”, Nissan MD Jim Wright brilliantly quipped. “There’s no point quibbling over a few pence.
“This is part of a campaign designed to get people to turn on to 100% electric driving by busting many of the myths and highlighting the many benefits of electric cars, including incredibly low fuel costs.”
Nissan is basing the LEAF EV fleet at a special ‘taxi rank’ at the Truman Brwery near London’s Liverpool St Station. They will run from 10am to 6pm – and WILL go south of the river.
All ‘6xcheaper’ tweets will be monitored by Nissan: the free rides will be arranged to minimise queues. Nissan will also monitor each journey and then show the passenger how much they would have saved by using an EV rather than a regular car.
Production of the Nissan LEAF starts in the UK early next year, and the promotional campaign is part of bigger plans to make the model more mainstream. The UK car is expected to be launched with a redesign and, thanks to reduced manufacturing costs, a lower list price than today’s starting point of £25,990 (with the £5k Government grant taken off).
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