Revealed: The names of the UK’s speediest drivers

Eldred Green
Speed camera(Newspress)
Are you called Juliet, Rupert or Susannah? If you are and you find yourself going over the speed limit more often than others, then it may just be your name that is to blame.
Surveys can always throw up the strangest results like BMW drivers most likely to cheat on their spouses . The latest one from Diamond car insurance is certainly no different. The survey carried out on over 3 million motorists revealed that there is a link between the first name of drivers and the likelihood of them to have points for speeding.
The top five women's first names who are likely to break the speed limit are Juliet, Susannah, Justine, Deirdre and Alexis, while for men Rupert, Julian, Piers, Giles and Justin are the speediest of the bunch. On the other hand, female drivers named Paige, Molly, Shannon, Bethany, Lily and for men Connor, Terrence, Jake, Jordan and Joshua are least likely to have points on their license.
Don't think that your name not being on the list means that you are off the hook either because the survey also revealed that drivers of certain professions also have a heavier right foot than others. Surgeon - speeding to or from the nearest medical situation - or Chartered Surveyors are most likely to break the speed limit. A big shock from the survey has to be that the bottom occupations for speeding convictions are school students. In fact, all students within the legal driving age all ranked within the top ten. Maybe it is really time for students to start demanding cheaper car insurance.
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