Aston Martin Vanquish trends on Twitter

Aston Martin Vanquish trends on Twitter
Aston Martin is reporting ‘unprecedented’ interest on its website for the new Vanquish that has seen internet records broken and the car even become a top trend on Twitter.
The new Aston Martin Vanquish was revealed last week and as soon as the model went live, records began to tumble. The following three days saw the highest traffic ever posted by the Aston Martin website. The firm says traffic at its site has been DOUBLE the usual average ever since the launch.
The reveal of the new Vanquish on MSN Cars supports this: more than 800,000 people have viewed our gallery so far, and hundreds of comments have also been made on our Facebook Page – along with more than 700 Likes.
On Twitter , both the hashtag #vanquish and the phrase ‘Aston Martin Vanquish’ were top UK trends last Wednesday as the car was revealed – and #vanquish also trended in the huge US Twittersphere on Wednesday afternoon!
Aston Martin’s follower rate on Twitter duly doubled in the space of three days.
Pete Norwood, digital marketing communications manager at Aston Martin, said: “The unprecedented interest we’re already seeing in the spectacular new Vanquish from around the world is, I think, a very clear indicator of how exciting our new sports car is.
“I’m very happy that we’ve been able to generate such compelling content, and look forward to welcoming many more Aston Martin owners, and would-be owners, to our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed over the days, week and months ahead.”
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