‘No Top Gear until next year’ confirms Clarkson

‘No Top Gear until next year’ confirms Clarkson
There will not be a new series of Top Gear until 2013. It has been confirmed by Jeremy Clarkson that the hit BBC2 motoring show will not return to the nation’s television screens until next year due to “boring reasons.”
The outspoken lead presenter took to his Twitter account – @jcrclarksonesq – to break the news, saying, “Pay attention. There will be no Top Gear until next year. Boring reasons.”
Clarkson’s latest comments follow his previous tweets in suggesting that it’d be a while before the trio of presenters – including his colleagues Richard Hammond and James May – would return with a new series of the show.
Back in May this year Clarkson outlined, again via Twitter that, “there’s a rumour in internet land that there will be no more Top Gear this year. I’m afraid that apart from an Xmas Special, it’s true.”
In his usual pithy style the Yorkshire man suggested rival TV programs were the reason for Top Gear’s postponed return, adding “Would love to be back in the Autumn but Sunday nights will be full of fat people singing” – a reference to Simon Cowell’s X Factor show.
It now appears that initial rumours surrounding the delayed return of TG to TV were correct.
In a battle to keep ratings for the long-running program high, the BBC could move the show from its traditional autumn slot to a January window. However, it has not yet confirmed when a new series of the motoring program will make its arrival in 2013.
Still, we can look forward to the Christmas special.
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