McLaren teases MP4-12C Spider

McLaren teases MP4-12C Spider
McLaren Automotive has released the first picture of its new MP4-12C Spider – the drop-top version of the firm’s Ferrari 458 rivalling supercar. But it isn’t exactly giving much away.
As you can see, all the image really shows is the edge of the windscreen. This confirms that the roof is indeed missing, but doesn’t tell us anything about what said roof is actually made of.
We’re guessing the 12C Spider will sport some kind of folding hardtop like the rival 458 Spider , however, since we spotted the McLaren team scoping out the Ferrari in some detail at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.
In fact, if you pay close attention to our motor show video of the 458 , you can actually see the McLaren personnel in the background.
Beyond the issue of the roof, we do know that the new 12C Spider will feature the same 625hp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 as ‘enhanced’ versions of the coupé.
That car’s ultra-strong carbonfibre MonoCell chassis and sophisticated suspension system should also go a long way towards neutralising the scuttle-shake you usual get with a convertible conversion.
Expect more details soon.
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