Honda reveals ‘sports-inspired’ Jazz Si

Honda reveals ‘sports-inspired’ Jazz Si
Honda’s upright, sensible Jazz has long had a somewhat geriatric image. But with this new, sportier Jazz Si, Honda is looking to rock that particular boat.
Based on the 1.4 ES manual, the new Jazz Si is festooned with additional ‘sports-inspired’ features. That’s Honda-speak for a body-kit and some larger 16” inch alloys, along with privacy glass and Si badging on the boot.
We’re not sure what sport ‘inspired’ such overtly youthful features but we’re guessing it wasn’t bowls.
Surprisingly, Honda’s mods to the Swindon-built car are more than just visual, with the Jazz having been treated to a revised suspension set-up, consisting of new dampers and a thicker front anti-roll bar for improved body control.
The standard car’s electric power steering has also been modified to provide more feel. Quite the weapon for Grandma’s Sunday B-road blasts then.
Cementing the Si’s youthful pretensions there’s a range of sharper colours on offer, whilst a few flourishes on the inside distinguish the Si from its more staid siblings, including a leather-trimmed steering wheel and more supportive black and silver seats.
Prices for the sportiest Jazz range from £14,550 for the Si, to £15,545 for the higher spec Si-T which gets Bluetooth and SD navigation.
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