One third of festivalgoers drive home drunk

One third of festivalgoers drive home drunk
More than one third of people attending festivals drive home from a music event under the influence of alcohol, according to a One Poll survey commissioned by National Express.
The study revealed that 38% of revellers aged between 18 and 34 had driven after attending a large concert event, despite knowing it was dangerous because they were unfit to do so through drinking, had slept too little or had an illegal number of passengers in their vehicle.
Data showed that 10% admitted drinking too much alone, while it was also found that 11% of attendees would not mind being driven by someone who was unfit to drive.
However, it’s not just wantonly careless partygoers knowingly driving home while drunk in the evening that has boosted statistics. Young people having drunk the night before can still be over the limit the next morning without knowing.
Managing director of National Express coach division, Andrew Cleaves:
“Whilst UK festivals themselves have a great safety record, our research has uncovered a worrying number of festivalgoers are putting themselves in serious danger by failing to consider the real risks they are taking when they make some of their travel decisions.
“Perhaps the most concerning findings have been that so many people drive home drunk or still affected by all the partying, (or) will happily jump in a car with someone they don’t know.”
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