Porsche 918 production date confirmed

Porsche 918 production date confirmed
Porsche has confirmed the date its new 918 Spyder hybrid supercar will go into production as September 18, 2013.
You can see what it did there, right? Yep, in countries where the month comes first in the date order – which includes the USA, a highly significant market for this car – it reads as 9.18…
All such shenanigans aside, this means the first very lucky customers are due to get their completed cars in November next year.
Meanwhile, with all the recent prototypes sporting classic Porsche racing liveries – as well as Martini Racing colours , the 918 has been spotted testing in a 1970 Le Mans winning pattern , and more recently the 917 “Hippie” scheme – we decided to ask Porsche if any of these would be offered as official options.
The official answer is no. However, we’re told that should any customer wish to replicate said liveries – or any other historical Porsche racing paint job, for that matter – the Porsche Exclusive department will be more than happy to help.
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