Ultimate SL 63 AMG numberplate up for auction

Ultimate SL 63 AMG numberplate up for auction
If you’ve got an S L63 AMG and you want people to know, beyond doubt, that it’s an SL 63 AMG – then hot foot it down to Mercedes-Benz world at Brooklands next month.
In an unprecedented move, DVLA personalised registrations are auctioning off the number plate SL 63 AMG – a year before it can actually be used.
As a ’63-series plate, the private registration mark will only become legal for road usage on 1 September 2013. However, the DVLA has relaxed the rules to allow the number to go on sale early, as Damian Lawson, Marketing Manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations explains:
“Auctioning a registration so far in advance of its on the road date has never been done before, but as it is the sixtieth anniversary year of the SL we wanted to celebrate by offering the registration for sale now rather than have it sitting in our vault.”
With a reserve of £2,000, the SL 63 AMG plate which goes under the hammer on Thursday 6 September, ought to be a mere trifle for owners of the £100k supercar.
It’s not the only Mercedes-themed number plate on sale – there are plenty more to choose from for fans of the three-pointed star. Amongst other Merc-related registrations are the rather niche E 50 AMG (£500), and, for plutocrats or gangsters alike; BO 55 AMG (£700). Wind in the hair types will no doubt make a bee-line for MY 12 SLK (£600).
And there’s more. With the new Skyfall film just around the corner, expect to see C0 07 SPY adorning the Aston Martin of a wealthy Bond-alike shortly. Farming types may wish to bid for BU 11 OCK, whilst plenty of name-related numbers are on sale, including BE 11 NDA, CA 12 TER, JE 12 OME and PA 12 KES.
The DVLA says registered bidders will have a memorable experience, with free admission to the Mercedes-Benz museum and complimentary ‘hot lap’ rides around the MB World handling circuit on offer.
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