New Audi Cam brings servicing online

New Audi Cam brings servicing online
Video cameras in garage service bays aren’t an entirely new idea, but Audi has taken the concept a massive step forward with its new “Audi Cam” system.
In a world first, every single Audi Centre in the UK is now equipped with high quality hand held cameras, which technicians can use to record short video clips of vehicle problem areas.
These are then uploaded, complete with audio commentary from the mechanic explaining what the problem is and what’s required to fix it, to a special webpage. This can only be accessed by the customer using a unique PIN code.
The issues are graded “urgent”, “advisory” or “for info”, and shown alongside the full repair price (including VAT). The customer can choose to authorise the job, reject it, or ask the Audi Centre to call them to discuss further – all straight from the webpage.
The idea is to make the Audi service and repair process as “transparent” as possible, in an extension of the existing “Direct Reception” programme.
But while Direct Reception gives on site customers a direct two way link to the technician working on their car via a head-mounted camera and radio system, Audi Cam is intended to make things easier for those on the go.
As such, the special webpage has been optimised for use on both computers and smartphones. In addition to the job list, the page will also give customers access to service team profiles, so they can see exactly who is spannering on their pride and joy.
Work can only be authorised online with the re-entry of the unique PIN, and this is sent separately by text message. The videos will also clearly identify the customer’s car, to make doubly sure that everything is correct and above board.
Head of Aftersales and Service for Audi UK, Paul Sansom:
“By effectively beaming the workshop to our customer’s homes or smartphones, Audi Cam greatly simplifies the service and repair process, and at the same time breaks down more of the barriers between the service bay and the customer that have traditionally fostered scepticism and suspicion.
“This is genuine progress through technology in the best tradition of Vorsprung durch Technik.”
Sounds – and looks – like the future to us. Customer service innovation that’s definitely to be applauded.
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