2012 Toyota Yaris Edition and Trend specials

2012 Toyota Yaris Edition and Trend specials
Toyota has announced a pair of Yaris summer specials named the Edition and the Trend, with the ambition of adding an extra dose of style to its granny-pleasing supermini.
The Japanese firm has been chasing younger sales since the new car went on sale last year – hence those, er, awkward adverts starring the animated rapper and his pet puppet. Perhaps these two new models will be just the ticket.
The most obvious visual difference certainly has some impact: Toyota has coloured the C-pillars black on both newcomers, in a simple move that creates the impression that the roof is ‘floating’.
Cars such as the Citroen DS3 and Skoda Fabia already use the same trick.
In addition to this, the Edition boosts the entry-level Yaris T2 grade it’s based on with a set of 15-inch “Podium” alloy wheels, front fog lamps, tinted windows and some extra chrome on the back.
On the inside Toyota has generously added a rev counter and a leather gearknob for the five-speed ’box, but air conditioning is still extra. Power comes from a 1.0-litre VVT-i petrol engine – though with just 68 horses available you don’t get much of it.
The Yaris Trend takes the TR specification as its starting point, adds a 16-inch version of the Podium wheels and a chrome tailpipe. Since the TR is already well-equipped there are no other changes.
The “Touch & Go” sat-nav system – yes, it really is called that – remains an affordably attractive option, however. Standard six-speed manual and 1.33-litre VVT-i power for this one – which means a lively (read: noisy) 98hp.
Three-door prices start at £11,695 for the Edition and £13,795 for the Trend – a premium of around about £1,000 over the regular range alternatives.
Five-door variants are available at extra cost, and on the Trend you can even have this with a CVT. Although, unless you really need an auto, we don’t know why you’d want to.
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