OFFICIAL: Jaguar F-Type revealed

OFFICIAL: Jaguar F-Type revealed
Jaguar pulls the covers off its new Porsche 911 challenger
Jaguar has revealed the first official image of the new F-Type , prior to the two-seater sports car’s world debut at the Paris Motor Show next week.
The image shows the production-ready F-Type in three guises, each with an ‘S’ badge on the distinctive C-X75-inspired front grille.
All the cars are open-top models, following Jaguar’s earlier announcement that the roadster will be launched first: the coupe model will follow later in 2013.
But what about the styling? Well, again true to Jaguar’s word, it closely follows the C-X16 concept shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. Shorn of the camouflage we’re now familiar with, it’s clear to see the subtle curvature and sculpting Jaguar designer Ian Callum has incorporated.
Particularly elegant are the rear wheelarches: they’re both muscular but also contain a strong featureline on the top surface – we haven’t seen the rear yet, but this feature suggests it will be distinctive.
The front end is dominated by that distinctive grille but there are also some aggressive air intakes in the front bumper, plus twin bonnet vents that look to already be a styling feature of the new F-Type: expect them to be offered in different colours and finishes.
Most importantly, the F-Type appears a sporty and compact car – the rear overhang is short and the cab-back stance gives it an athletic look. It’s based on a shortened version of the XK platform, whose all-aluminium design should ensure it’s particularly lightweight.
Indeed, will it be lighter than a Porsche 911? And, if so, what does this mean for performance? Jaguar could potentially have a very fast new car here…
Launch cars will be powered either by a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine, or a new 3.0-liter V6 supercharged motor producing 335hp or 375hp. MSN Cars has already driven this new engine in the 2013 Jaguar XJ – and we were impressed.
More news and full images will follow at the Paris Motor Show next week, when the F-Type is revealed at 8am CET on 27 September. For now, share your thoughts on ‘the new Jaguar E-Type’: what do you think of the new Jaguar F-Type?
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