Audi A3 (2012): 30 second review

Peter Burgess
Audi A3
More highly evolved than it first appears, the new Audi A3 is a brilliantly well-rounded package.
We like:
Lots of nice detail design, comfort, interior quality, pleasant to drive.
We don't like:
Not particularly involving, options seriously ramp up the price, no five-door version yet.
Should I buy one?
Back in 1996 Audi came up with a concept that has done it proud ever since. The A3 established a new class of car, the premium compact hatchback, a posh rival for the Focus or Astra. Until then buyers wanting something a bit special had just the Golf.
2012 sees the launch of the third generation, still obviously an A3, but in reality a dramatic redevelopment. It needs to be, for BMW and Mercedes are hot on its heels with the latest 1 Series and the new A-Class.
We have possibly been a little generous in awarding the new A3 five stars. Its price (from under £20,000) is high and others are slightly better to drive.
Yet there's a great deal to like, and it's not hard to see where the extra money goes. Good resale values of the current model show that buyers already understand this. They will like the new model even more.
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