Lotus Exige S (2012): 30 second review

Peter Burgess
Lotus Exige S(Lotus)
The Exige S is an awesome road weapon that shows that Lotus continues to excel at what always comes best.
We like:
Thrilling performance, simply outstanding chassis, now much more than an Elise derivative.
We don't like:
Stark interior, far from everyday practical, getting in and out requires dexterity.
Should I buy one?
Set aside any cynicism. The latest Exige S is a simply astonishing sports car, possibly the best Lotus has ever built. Devastatingly fast, with a brilliant chassis that can be set to suit your whim, it genuinely does compete with the 911 T3, but at half the price.
The new body looks mean and handsome too, the extra inches adding greatly to the Exige's gravitas. Only the interior is likely to disappoint, which is the reason why this great new Lotus doesn't get the full five stars.
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