Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012): 30 second

Sean Carson
Toyota Yaris Hybrid
Toyota introduces the first full hybrid supermini with its new Yaris Hybrid. Efficient, comfortable and practical, but not the most inspiring to drive.
We like:
Superb efficiency claims, sharp styling, roomy cabin.
We don't like:
Noisy, droning engine note, lazy CVT transmission
Should I buy one?
The Yaris Hybrid is a good car, but to buy one you'd really have to want a hybrid supermini and be able to drive it to the car's strengths.
Around town the powertrain is at its sweetest and is where the hybrid technology will deliver savings. Motorway journeys will sap fuel economy more than in a conventional small frugal diesel, though.
Which is where the Yaris Hybrid's limitations come in. It's a well-thought-out and well-executed car; it just lacks that last layer of polish. Although it might be slightly cheaper and will cost slightly less to run in fuel, it doesn't have the breadth of ability that a Ford Fiesta Econetic possesses.
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