Chrysler 300C (2012): 30 second review

Peter Burgess
Chrysler 300C
The big Chrysler still looks the macho machine, but the new 300C is mediocre in too many areas.
We like:
Still highly distinctive design, spacious, strong performance.
We don't like:
Suspension wallows, fascia not classy enough, seats won't suit everyone.
Should I buy one?
We had a soft spot for the last Chrysler 300C. The mean countenance and Mercedes engineering made it a thoughtful, leftfield choice of executive saloon. The 2012 model doesn't fare as well, partly because the competition has moved on in leaps and bounds.
Crucially, the 300C's major rivals get the bulk of their sales from two-litre diesel models, somewhere the Chrysler simply can't compete. So while £40k may seem like value for a highly equipped three-litre, we'd reckon that taking a hit on the performance and buying an optioned-up two-litre from elsewhere is the more satisfactory solution.
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