Audi RS4 (2012): 30 second review

Ian Dickson
Audi RS4
The Audi RS4 is back in estate form only with no manual option but a raft of technology. However, has this left it souless?
We like:
Performance, sure-footed handling, estate practicality.
We don't like:
Technology feels like the car is doing the work, not you.
Should I buy one?
It's all very well having megatons of power under your right foot, a noise that will awaken a hibernating hedgehog and a chassis that can turn even the feeblest of drivers into a hero, but when a performance car lacks soul, all this is in vain.
This latest RS4 doesn't quite live up to the old model's talent, but it's still an animal that gives the biggest rewards the harder you push it. The problem is it's a clinical car. It's a technological masterpiece, but this computer-aided approach makes you feel that the car is in charge, not you.
Make no mistake, this is by far the best RS model on sale, and for some people the promise of four-wheel-drive usability and a stonking V8 will appeal, but if you want a properly rewarding driving experience you might be better suited to a BMW M3 or Mercedes C63 AMG.
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