Ford Focus ST (2012): 30 second review

Sean Carson
Ford Focus SR
Ford's first global performance car delivers the fast Ford experience to a wider audience, and it's a more than worthy effort - and for the first time since the ST170, there's a practical estate option too.
We like:
Linear engine, decent torque, supportive seats, estate option.
We don't like:
Lack of initial steering precision, final 1,000rpm feels flat, busy centre console.
Should I buy one?
The new Ford Focus ST is solid, capable and impressive, both in terms of its dynamic ability and its day-to-day usability - exactly what you want from a hot hatch.
It's got more charm and sparkle than a VW Golf GTI and makes it feel anodyne by comparison - it's a cohesive package that we can really see working in the UK.
Add into the mix that prices start from £21,995 for the five-door hatch (it might be 30hp down on the new Vauxhall Astra VXR, but it's £5,000 cheaper) and the ST looks even more appealing. It's more than worthy of initiation into the fast Ford hall of fame already.
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