Mitsubishi Outlander (2012): 30 second review

Tim Kendall
Mitsubishi Outlander
New, greener Outlander marks out Mitsubishi's new direction. Will anyone notice?
We like:
Tonnes of space, comfortable, refined and economical. Interior quality improved.
We don't like:
Occasionally unsettled ride, not as good to look at as its predecessor.
Should I buy one?
Mitsubishi set out to make a greener, more refined and better quality Outlander for their third assault on the medium-sized crossover market - and it's largely succeeded.
Subjectively at least, the new Outlander doesn't have the rugged looks this market sector superficially values, but the driving experience is decent, despite not being the last word in dynamism. The Outlander's trump cards are huge interior space, refinement and impressive economy.
If the price is right, it's a credible contender. But the real headline act comes in 2013 when the plug-in hybrid arrives...
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