Volkswagen Polo Blue GT (2012): 30 second review

CJ Hubbard
VW Polo Blue GT
Can a 140hp petrol engine really return over 60mpg? Volkswagen's new Polo Blue GT says it can. Say hello to the world's most determined eco hot hatch.
We like:
Awesome engine technology that should really save fuel, fun and friendly to drive, good looking, comfortable.
We don't like:
Handling not as sharp as some rivals (but then nothing else petrol-powered is this economical), inevitably expensive.
Should I buy one?
The Volkswagen Polo Blue GT feels like the future. As in the immediate future, rather than some indefinable ideal. Its cylinder deactivation technology looks set to give the petrol engine a new lease of life - without resorting to expensive (and heavy) alternative solutions such as hybrid technology.
VW's decision to introduce it in a performance variant - relatively mild though that performance might be - is a small stroke of genius. No longer will you necessarily have to pay a high economy penalty during those everyday moments when you can't drive the car fast to have fun. It proves the concept brilliantly.
The only thing that stops us from wholeheartedly recommending the Blue GT is the projected cost. Priced from around £17,500 it will be nearly £2,000 cheaper than the Polo GTI, but more expensive than the 180hp Skoda Fabia vRS. And the amount of MINI you can get for similar money would probably be more fun.
Still, progress never has come cheap, and this car is set to influence motoring for many years to come.
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