Audi SQ5 (2012): 30 second review

Sean Carson
Audi SQ5
Audi begins a performance revolution with its first diesel 'S' model. It's epically fast for a TDI 4x4, but it lacks cohesion.
We like:
Speed, noise, looks.
We don't like:
Lack of steering feel, disconnect between engine and chassis.
Should I buy one?
The SQ5 is stunningly capable and marks a new era of fast Audis. One, because it's a ridiculously rapid off-roader - it's nearly as quick as the 525hp Mercedes ML63 AMG from the class above - and two, because it proves that performance diesel Audi S models work.
But although blessed with a prodigious turn of speed, the SQ5 isn't quite the all-rounder we hoped it could be. It lacks cohesion between the engine and chassis and the dead steering erodes its sporty credentials slightly.
In all other respects the SQ5 is a polished vehicle and makes a great case for itself, but in attaching that S moniker, you expect a bit more involvement. It's more of a fast Q5 with a few styling tweaks than a pure blooded S car.
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