Skoda Rapid (2012): 30 second review

CJ Hubbard
Skoda Rapid(Skoda)
Like a big-bottomed Golf, but costing much less, the new Rapid reboots the concept of a value-for-money Skoda by offering loads of space and lots of clever features for little cash.
We like:
Lots of space, big boot, thoughtful touches, fuss-free design, well built.
We don't like:
Not that great to drive, functional anti-fashion aesthetic won't appeal to everyone.
Should I buy one?
Interesting car, the Skoda Rapid. It's banking on an audience of no-nonsense buyers, who want a practical, sensibly-shaped primary vehicle with clean lines, and are strongly motivated by value for money.
In many respects it could be taken as a step back for a brand that has spent so long building up a credible reputation as alternative to the mainstream. But to us it seems like a refreshingly straightforward proposition from a company confident in its ability to deliver exactly what a sizable section of its audience wants.
If it's priced as sharply as we've been led to expect (around £13,000), the current economic climate will only make the Rapid seem more attractive. Add in those small but meaningful innovative features, and we reckon Skoda's swiftly going to have a hit on its hands.
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