Audi Q5 (2012): 30 second review

Sean Carson
Audi Q5
The Q5 is Audi's middle 4x4 model, sitting between the baby Q3 and mammoth Q7, and it's been given a touch of mid-life nip/tuck to spruce it up next to its rivals. There are two new engines in the range, while updated LED 'light band' headlights now glare down at you from either side of the new grille.
We like:
Refinement, ride quality, efficiency improvements.
We don't like:
More expensive than rivals, generic Audi styling, no lower-powered diesel yet.
Should I buy one?
The revisions to the Q5 range aren't night and day, so if you're expecting a different character or completely 'new' car you'll be disappointed. But it doesn't mean you should discount the Audi.
It's more expensive than its rivals, granted, but then it arguably offers more equipment as standard, more power than some and a mature driving experience that's dynamic enough for a bit of fun but excels in terms of comfort.
The previous Q5 was the best seller in its class. The updated car is more than capable enough to continue that roll - especially with a smaller, cheaper diesel making an appearance later in the year.
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