Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS250 (2012): 30 second review

Richard Aucock
Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS250
There's nothing like the Kahn Range Rover Evoque. The greenest model yet from the distinctive Bradford firm, it's even more striking than the standard Evoque yet little less able. And the heady price will guarantee exclusivity, too...
We like:
Head-turning looks, standout detailing, standard of finish, Evoque's standard-setting drive remains intact.
We don't like:
Very expensive, style and image not for everyone.
Should I buy one?
The Kahn Range Rover Evoque shows the sheer versatility of Land Rover's finest model. Unlike some other aftermarket conversions, it actually works really well, proving to be a convincing alternative to a stock Range Rover that is more 'factory-feel' than you'd expect. The styling is striking but cohesive, the interior trimmed to the highest standard, even the ride and handling pass scrutiny.
No, it's not for everyone. That's the whole point. This is something bespoke, that anyone with pockets deep enough can endow either on their own Evoque or one sourced and converted by Kahn Design itself.
For a select few, it's perhaps the most agreeable Kahn Range Rover yet - and it doesn't start and end here for Kahn and the Evoque, either. Word is, there's plenty more like this in store...
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