Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion (prototype): 30 second review

Richard Aucock
Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion
This pre-production all-electric Golf is so convincing, it could go on sale tomorrow. It arrives in 2014, in next-generation form, when hopefully the Golf-loving market will be more receptive to electric cars, too...
We like:
it's a Golf, it's an electric car: combine the two and you get a very convincing eco car indeed.
We don't like:
Range still limited to 90 miles, which will remain the biggest barrier for potential buyers to overcome.
Should I buy one?
The electric Golf Blue-e-Motion is not, in action, a revolution. The electric drive is extremely satisfying, maybe even preferable to a regular diesel for some, but the car itself does not turn heads or signal the start of a futuristic motoring era.
That's exactly what VW intended. This is a Golf first, an electric car second. Europeans love the regular car but don't love electric cars yet. The hope is this will change their perceptions. As it's so convincing even in pre-production form, we wouldn't bet against it.
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