Ford Focus Ecoboost Superchips (2012): 30 second review

Richard Aucock
Ford Focus
Power boost for an amazing Ford engine makes it even more of an eye-opener. It's impossible not to be won over once you drive it.
We like:
Convincing all-round performance, superb engine refinement, 'pleasantly different' driving feel, affordable and easy upgrade.
We don't like:
'Aftermarket tuned' concerns, you must tell your insurance company, extra power can't return chassis to its fun former self.
Should I buy one?
We love the regular Focus 1.0 Ecoboost here at MSN Cars. This Superchips model simply enhances that, giving it the full range of power and torque that make it an entirely viable large-engine substitute.
Any doubts as to the validity of choosing such a small engine in a big car are dispelled: that it costs £455 to upgrade, compared to Ford's premium of £500 between the 100hp and 125hp car, makes it a compelling option for those who want petrol refinement and diesel shove - particularly tax-saving fleet drivers...
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