Nissan GT-R Track Pack (2012): 30 second review

Peter Burgess
Nissan GT-R
Since the 2009 launch the Nissan GT-R has had a couple of power upgrades, taking it to 550hp in 2012. That still doesn't stop the tuning shops offering owners more, so Nissan has taken the fight to them with the £10,000 Track Pack option: a touch less weight and some neat detail changes that enhance the GT-R's track ability even further.
We like:
Awesome performance, terrific chassis, not terrifying to drive.
We don't like:
Bland interior, ugly exterior, few opportunities to exploit performance.
Should I buy one?
A tricky one, because we never got to fully appraise the GT-R Track Pack in conditions where we could properly evaluate the chassis changes.
But the GT-R is a five-star performance machine in anyone's book. It's hard to say whether the extra £10k is money well spent. Then again, why buy a car that can go this fast unless you use it on a track?
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