Gig review: The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, 30/06/12

John Squire and Ian Brown on stage // The Stone Roses(Rex)
John Squire and Ian Brown on stage
MSN's Lee Harvey witnessed the most important band of his generation resurrected in Manchester…
As the last notes of I Am The Resurrection ebbed away, the Stone Roses stood together, arms aloft, drinking in the adulation of 77,000 soggy but satiated fans in Heaton Park. "We're f***in back", roared bassist Mani before leaving the stage with his bandmates.
Not that it needed saying. The previous hour-and-three-quarters had already underlined why the Roses were and (whisper it) could again become the most important band of my lifetime.
Tonight was a spectacle beyond the boundaries of a normal gig. The depth of love for this band, for these songs, more than two decades after they were first released on an unsuspecting British public, is something to behold.
When a crowd sings en masse, not just every lyric, but the majority of your guitar riffs and basslines too, you're dealing with something truly special.
It started with the rumbling bass and crystalline guitar of I Wanna Be Adored, on through the adrenaline rush of Mersey Paradise and (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister until the euphoria was blissfully soothed by Shoot You Down and Where Angels Play.
With John Squire looking every inch the guitar hero and Ian Brown's oft-maligned vocals pretty much on the mark, you'd be (partially) forgiven for overlooking the fact that the glue that truly binds the Roses is provided by Reni.
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