Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - MSN Review

The ‘bots are back. And you don’t need to look far past the poster to know that they’re looking special. Following their breakout in Michael Bay’s first blockbuster, the Transformers can no longer win us over just by bringing our favourite childhood toys to life. It has to be better, as well as bigger.
Ed Holden, MSN Movies Editor
Transformers 2 (image © Paramount)
If it weren’t for the Autobot in his garage and the impossibly hot girlfriend (Megan Fox), Shia LaBeouf would be living a normal life. He’s off to college and the fact that he saved the planet once has somehow been covered up. But, when he discovers a mysterious shard, he suddenly has strange images on the brain and the Decepticons, lead by a mysterious monster called The Fallen, want to get hold of the strange symbols. Cue threatening giant robots falling to earth with guns set to “pulverise”.
To go further than that would be to enter into a complicated plot that dates all the way back to a ‘bots versus cavemen scenario that happened many millennia ago. For such an unashamed popcorn movie, Transformers 2 has an awful lot of backstory to chew on, too often told in voiceovers and dull dialogue scenes. With the need for a compelling yarn to back up the ‘bots, the script opts for an awful lot of story.
But that doesn’t necessarily make it a cohesive whole. New layers of plot are crammed in on top of new characters and comedy scenes. Jar Jar binks proved that CGI characters tend to struggle when it comes to bringing the funny. And so do the metal heroes here. Teaming up a couple of Autobots as mischievous rogue bots with gangsta accents wasn’t a good move. Turning LaBeouf’s mom (Julie White) into a slapstick comedy character is also a bit of a stumble, despite her admirable efforts.
In fact, the only joke that really works is Bumblebee – the Transformer that can only communicate through his car stereo, affording us the opportunity to play “spot the reference” as he drags up countless movies and music segments from the archives. He ain’t broke and Bay thankfully didn’t see the need to fix him.
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