Misha B: Michael Jackson is my number one inspiration of all time

James Hurley
Misha B(Syco)
With her debut single, Home Run, scheduled for release on July 15, we caught up with the last series of X Factor's most controversial contestant, Misha B…
How did your first single, Home Run, come about?
I had a love song I wrote, a ballady type one about my ex, but I didn't really do anything with it. Then I was put in the studio with a producer called MNEK and the song was stuck in my head.
Anyway, we'd already started working on something else, pretty much from scratch, and I asked him what type of vibe he gets off me as an artist, and he said "fun, fresh, and quirky". So we were building on a new production but that song I wrote beforehand was still stuck in my head, so I muttered out the words "Baby I don't know what you've done / but you've done one / done hit a home run" and he was like, "That's the chorus!" I wasn't sure at first but we started building around that and before you know it we had Home Run . There's a little giggle at the end of Home Run - was it your idea to include that? There are so many things about the way we recorded that, me and the producer... There's a line in it where I literally nearly fell over but it was caught on tape and we were like "that sounds cool, let's keep that there", so we kept it there! You've got a tattoo that says 'Dream Big' in the video. How big are you dreaming these days? Worldwide. One of my biggest dreams is to be a worldwide recording artist. And to inspire worldwide more than anything, to be touring worldwide... it's like, when I've been on my radio tour, and when I was touring with the X Factor guys, the most exciting thing for me was visiting each city and seeing how different cities react. That excites me a lot. Speaking of X Factor, are you still in touch with Kelly Rowland? Yeah, I spoke to her like two days ago. She's busy working on her new material, it's exciting... You don't realize how busy people are until you get into that type of work yourself. I'm grateful for any time she makes for me. Do you think of yourself as a famous person? No! I do get recognised sometimes but I always say, especially to the younger kids, "I'm just like you". That's something Kelly taught me. It doesn't matter what you've achieved in your lifetime, it doesn't matter how people perceive you, like a famous person, it's just about the person you are in your heart, and that's all that matters. Given how successful X Factor non-winners like One Direction and JLS have been, are you glad you didn't win? I feel like I came where I should have come. I don't know what it would have been like if I did win but I just know that I'm enjoying what I'm doing, I'm making my music, and I'm signed now so I'm happy. Missy Elliot is rumoured to be guesting on your album. Is that true? Everything is still in talks but we both really want to work with each other... so yeah, fingers crossed everything goes well. Even if it's not for now, it definitely will happen. Do you have any heroes outside music? Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana... and Will Smith. I just find him such an inspirational figure. Who would be your dream collaboration, alive or dead? Michael Jackson. He's my number one inspiration of all time. Do you remember where you were when you heard he'd died? Yeah, I was performing. It was in a bar and there were like three TVs in there. So I'm singing while the TV is flashing up 'Michael Jackson is dead', so I stopped singing and started reading... and then I had to stop and say, "Sorry guys but I've got to go and have a moment". Then I just started crying... even though I didn't know him personally... he's one of those people that comes along once in a lifetime, legends in music. He had the power to change the world and he did. How do you deal with negative comments on Twitter? You know what's funny about us as human beings? I hope I can speak for everyone. We can get 10 positive comments but it's the one negative comment that throws us. That's how I feel about it. It's just about finding the right balance and not reading the negative comments. The internet is so easy for people who... not shouldn't have an opinion... but people who wouldn't necessarily say anything to your face to go online and say really mean things. That's just life, isn't it? Are you going to tour? Yes, definitely. The dates haven't been confirmed yet but there's going to be a small one this year and hopefully we'll pick up next year as well. What about festivals? Oh my gosh, I went to Lovebox on Saturday! I got a chance to see Emeli Sande perform. She's insanely good. Maverick Sabre, Rita Ora... just seeing them perform and seeing the crowd's reaction... I was rocking out. When I went to see Rita, I had this smile that wouldn't be removed... just to see someone getting it in and letting go and feeling free on the stage... it's just so beautiful and inspirational. These people are your peers now. Do you view them as competition? Not really. I feel like we've all got positions to play and competitive as it is, it's healthy competitive. For me, I leave my record label to be competitive. I just get on with the music.
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