One Direction earn £100 million in two years

James Hurley
One Direction at the 2012 MTV VMAs // One Direction(PA)
One Direction at the 2012 MTV VMAs
Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall rake it in a mere two years after forming…
The boys from One Direction have earned £100 million between them in just two years, according to a newly updated edition of Simon Cowell's biography.
According to Tom Bower's book, Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell: "Nothing had been left to chance by Sony Music, with the band's hit album Up All Night selling more than five million copies worldwide. "The songs, the publishing, the discs, the DVDs, the merchandising and endorsements brought in huge profits, with the group estimated to have earned nearly £100 million. Naturally, Sony and Syco raked in much more."
In a remark bound to please Cowell's friend Louis Walsh, Bower added: "One Direction were Cowell's new Westlife - a revival of his mastery of the music business."
As with all big earners in today's industry, music sales form only a part of the equation. In addition to shifting 12 million units globally, the boys have raked it in with lucrative endorsement deals with the likes of Pepsi and Pokemon, plus a huge range of merchandise including t-shirts, duvet covers, phone covers, calendars, dolls, and comics.
And that's before you take into account the multi-million grossing world tour, which is set to run for most of next year. Oh, and then there's the small matter of their second album, Take Me Home, which is out on November 30.
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