BINTM 2012: Anna Vokes 'I'm a weirdo but that's never stopped me!'

How was it being with the judges?
To be honest, we didn't really speak to them much outside of the photo shoots. But Elle came and talked to me after I was eliminated and Tyson would come and joke with us that we shouldn't get sun burnt, otherwise we would be eliminated!
Who was your favourite on the panel?
It would have to be Elle. Just because she took a shining to me from the London stage. She loved my personality and the fact that out of the three girls who got eliminated, she came and found me at the airport and spoke to me. That was really nice of her, she didn't have to do that. She gave me loads of advice and talked to me about maybe coming back next year.
There haven't been any major cat fights yet so far between the models...
We're not a bitchy group. We all get on and we all still speak to each other, we're all friends with each other on Facebook. We're very close-knit and people have said we're probably the closest knit group there ever has been. I think the only person who was harder to get on with was Maddy.
Talking of Maddy, is she as bitchy as the cameras make her out to be?
She's exactly how she is on the show. She can rub people up the wrong way, but she is a nice girl and you can sit and talk to her. On this show, how you are seen is how you are.
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