Blind Date

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Cilla Black
Cilla Black is set to bring back Blind Date, the granddaddy of UK dating shows. It's a one-off special episode, but what a treat to go down memory lane again.A huge success, it ran from 1985 to 2003 and in the revival, viewers will be treated to some of the most memorable contestants. In addition, those that haven't found love will be able to try and land a date for the second time.Several celebrities featured on Blind Date before they became famous, including Amanda Holden, Big Brother's Nikki Grahame and Ed Byrne. The Blind Date special will be part of celebrations honouring Cilla Black.What better time to rate the chances of love on a variety of dating favourites? In Blind Date, contestants would choose their date based on the answers given by three hopefuls hidden behind a screen.They were then whisked off on a holiday and the audience would see how it turned out the following week.Hot date or heartbreak: Absolutely 'hot date'. Although Blind Date was a hoot when the couple in question didn't get on, there were successes; quite a few couples hooked up romantically, and some even walked up the aisle.Click through to see how we've rated more dating TV shows, including Take Me Out 
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