The 'world's meatiest sandwich' unveiled

Chef Tristan Welch prepares the world's meatiest sandwich // Chef Tristan Welch prepares the world's meatiest sandwich(Food Network UK)
Chef Tristan Welch prepares the world's meatiest sandwich
Top chef creates world's meatiest sandwich as new Man v Food spin-off show launches. We get our chops around a slightly slimmed-down replica. Discover how we got on.
Every man's favourite TV show, Man v Food, is about to get bigger. Much bigger. Famously pitting American presenter Adam Richman against established food challenges at restaurants, Richman is now hitting the road in Man v Food Nation, encouraging fans of the show to tackle new challenges themselves in his new spin-off show.
So what constitutes a challenge? We think this, arguably the world's meatiest sandwich, is right up there among the toughest. Is it any coincidence it's launched during this week's National Vegetarian Week? We think not, though the show's representatives denied this.
Every carnivore's dream sandwich, consisting of no less than 41 different meats, has been created to mark the launch of the new show.
The colossal creation stands at a staggering 1.2 feet high, 24 inches wide and weighs in at over two stone. The sandwich features 41 types of meat, including: 1.45kg of ham, 2kg of salami, turkey and bacon, 1kg of sausages, 720 grams of chorizo and sprinklings of salad, cheese and gherkins for good measure.
The gargantuan sandwich was created by leading chef and restaurateur, Tristan Welch, who is well-known on the food and entertainment channel Food Network UK, to bring to life the big challenges from the programme.
The meaty masterpiece took chef Welch more than four hours to make and he expects it willl take a whopping 10 hours to finish for anyone brave enough to take on the challenge.
Watch the video of chef Tristan Welch making the sandwich
Never one to shy away from a food-based manly test, who better than MSN Him's content editor Craig Butcher to take on the challenge? Butcher sat down with a slightly slimmed-down version of the sandwich for a date with destiny. The bread alone - essentially a whole, unsliced loaf of sourdough bread - weighed a whopping 1kg and came stuffed with a meatfest of epic proportions. Sausage meat, Italian prosciutto ham, bacon, salami and chorizo were among the heartburn-inducing ingredients, rounded off with peppery rocket leaves, gherkins and red onions. How did he get on? Click through the gallery at the top to find out.
* You can try the recipe yourself - if your stomach and wallet can handle it - at
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