Nominate the worst menswear fashion trends of the last 50 years

Michael Ochs Archives-Getty Images // Tom Jones in the 1970s
Michael Ochs Archives-Getty Images
From bell-bottoms to drainpipe jeans, which trends do you wish had never been invented?
Are you sick of scooped necklines, endless camouflage fabrics and the current trend for neon everything? Us too. But what are the worst fashion trends of the last 50 years? The previous half-century has witnessed some truly shocking fashion trends for men. From bell-bottoms and huge hair in the 70s to electric-blue 90s shellsuits and 80s drainpipe jeans. There's no shortage of style blunders vying for top spot as the worst of the last 50 years.
But which do you think are truly the most awful and should never have seen the light of day? Nominate the menswear miscreants of the past and we'll put them to a public vote to discover the worst menswear fashion trends of the last 50 years.
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So why not get in touch now with your suggestions? We'll publish your nominations on the site shortly and then the great British public can decide.
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