10 ways to boost your cardio fitness… without running

No doubt Wimbledon has inspired you to pull on the whites and dust off your racquet, so you may be one step ahead of us already. Much like squash, tennis relies on short bursts of speed and, once you've learned to stop hitting the ball to cow corner every time it comes your way, will give your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness a huge boost. If it can do what it did to natural skinny Andy Murray's physique, it can do the same to yours. "It's also a good alternative to squash if you have joint problems," says Griggs.
Calories burned in an hour: 600
Want to get ruck hard? Rugby isn't to everyone's taste, what with the cauliflower ears and cracking skulls together, but there's no denying the fact that modern rugger players are about as close as you can get to the ultimate athlete. Amateur you may be, but you can still benefit from the training, even if it's just to play the odd touch or pick-up game. Rugby training, and the matches themselves, promote speed and power and, of course, optimum cardiovascular health.
Calories burned in an hour: 700
Not the most intense of activities, but it's something you should certainly consider if you have an aversion to exercise or are just starting out on your fitness regime. It's also a way to get you out of a gym and into the great outdoors, so you won't really feel like you're being made to work for your improved health. Crucially, it will also get your heart rate up, and vigorous walking will burn calories to the tune of... well, just look at the number below.
Calories burned in an hour: 400-500
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