Lady Gaga debuts new fox blonde ‘do

Sarah Hecks
Lady Gaga(Rex Features)
Her Ladyship reveals her latest hair experiment, a ginger hue.
The outre singer's new guise is standard eccentric Gaga fare. She was spotted leaving Japan from Narita International Airport sporting a bad dye job and looking like a throwback from the 80s, in an aberration of a Chanel jacket ( bad Lagerfeld). Her new look has been dubbed 'Fox Blonde' and is basically a dip-dye or ombre look, using orange tones instead of blonde to create a look that resembles a fox's tail. Eighties singer Tiffany would be proud, although Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams and Emma Stone might be miffed she's edging in on the dyed red hair scene. While her Ladyship is hardly one to spurn a sensationalist hairstyle or five (bows made out of hair, Coke can rollers as adornment), anyone wanting to copy this look should know better... What do you think of her new look? Vote in our poll.
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