How to rainproof your hair

Sarah Hecks
A woman with frizzy hair(Getty Images)
We show you how to keep your hair frizz-free in the drizzle.
Bedraggled, frizzy hair is every woman's nightmare during this sodden British summer. Keeping hair looking healthy, sleek and full of vitality is a tricky business when faced with rain, but don't let your unruly mop dampen your spirits, try these savvy hair tips from celebrity hairdresser and creative director at Electric Hairdressing ( ), Mark Woolley for sleek rainproof locks.
"Humidity and rain causes a noticeable effect on hair leaving it frizzy and uncontrollable,' says Mark. "When the weather is damp the hair strands sock up moisture and get bigger, as they get bigger, they distort which causes the frizzy look. It is near impossible to remedy frizz post rain, so prevention is better than cure in this case."
Here are Mark's top tips for styling your hair to hold up in wind, rain and humidity leaving you confident to stand up to Mother Nature.
* Use a water-based smoothing cream before you style your hair, this will give a smooth weightless finish to your hair. Electric Smoothing Cream (£17) has anti-frizz technology that combats unruly hair and flyways.
* Separate hair into sections and blow-dry with the nozzle facing down the hair shaft to smooth down cuticles.
* For a straight finish run a flat paddle brush down your hair and for curls use a large round ceramic brush finishing with frizz protecting hair spray.
And if you're still battling with the elements, then try his fail-safe step-by-step guide to a low-slung ponytail to help you dazzle in the drizzle. Step 1: Start by preparing the hair with smoothing cream and blow dry straight using a paddle brush. Step 2: Tip your head over and work a small amount of volumising product into roots. We love SHU UEMURA'S new Volume maker, invisible texturizing powder (£31), rub this into the roots to create a malleable textured surface. Step 3: Style your fringe, if you have one, as usual. A side fringe looks great with this style. If you don't have a fringe, make a centre part towards the crown. Step 4: Take the hair that you'll be using in the ponytail and back comb the roots to create messy volume. The texturising powder will have done most of the work for you! Section the rest of the hair away. Step 5: Gather hair into a low ponytail, smoothing the sides yet keeping the volume at the back and fasten at the nape of the neck with a hair band. Spray and go!
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