Blonde ambition

Sarah Hecks
Tulisa(Rex Features)
Why every woman should try being a blonde.
Changing your hair colour can make you feel like a new person, and being a blonde is something that every woman should experience. Even if you don't stay blonde for long, every woman should have the thrill of being a blonde. It gives you an automatic boost of confidence and it's just plain old fun.
"Blonde hair gives off the essence of youth; a radiance that brightens your face and a dramatic colour change can boost self-confidence and make a real statement," says Mark Woolley founder of the Electric Hairdressing brand.
And it seems a whole host of celebrities agree with Mark. Tulisa proved last week that a dramatic colour change from brunette to blonde is a powerful statement - her newly dyed locks received more column inches than her winning the sex tape court case, Miley Cyrus has beentweeting her new blonder 'do and Adele's warm honey tones at the Grammys earlier this year resulted in a 41%
increase in sales of blonde hair dye. Talk about sales going platinum!
There is just something about blondes that evokes the possibility of danger and confidence - but only when the colour is right. The home dyed disasters, patchy or stripy blondes look cheap, frazzled and try-hard. So if you want to lighten up to a perfect blonde hue, what should you do?
Mark strongly recommends that this is not a job to do yourself - you need to have a full consultation with your hairdresser, as taking dark hair blond is a delicate process. "Hair needs to be lifted evenly and gently to achieve the desired result. The secret to beautiful blonde hair is combine foils with freehand techniques to ensure hair is blended, has movement and texture and warmth."
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