What do we think makes a sexy woman?

Poorna Bell
Poorna Shetty, editor, MSN Her
Tulisa at the FHM bash // Tulisa Contostavlos(Doug Peters_PA Images)
Tulisa at the FHM bash
Tulisa has stepped into Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's shoes by becoming FHM's Sexiest Woman of the Year. We've got a few thoughts about that…
We don't mean to go all Samantha Brick on Tulisa (the Daily Mail writer today called Mary Beard ugly), but the fact that the X-Factor judge has won FHM's Sexiest Woman proves yet again that men and women just don't have the same idea of what's deemed sexy.
It may sound like we're stating the obvious, but in our eyes, there is a difference between a woman being 'hot' and a woman being sexy. Saying someone is hot is a snap assessment based solely on their looks, whereas being sexy is agreed, about their looks, but is also about something a bit more intangible. Because honestly, if it was just about how big a woman's breasts were or how much flesh she flashed, then Katie Price, Jodie Marsh and Amy Childs would be the sexiest women on Earth, and I'm not sure that they are. And while I don't mean to make light of the singer's awful ordeal concerning her recent, ahem, cinematic endeavours, I think a major reason for her winning is to do with the recent scandal. She's perfectly nice and down-to-earth but she's got a long way to go.
I did a straw poll of our female editors at MSN, and overwhelmingly, most of us said that it was to do with confidence and how a woman carried herself. Fashion and beauty editor Sarah Hecks said: "Confidence makes a woman sexy - and I can't stress this one enough - it doesn't mean being the centre of attention all the time".
Celebrity editor Lucy Mapstone went one step further by saying that it took more than a woman wearing "just a pair of knickers, sporting giant knockers" and that some of her favourite sexy women were "Christina Hendricks, Mila Kunis and even the great Carol Vorderman".
Most importantly, a sexy woman doesn't always need to flaunt it. It's why despite being beautiful and having an amazing body, Rihanna doesn't do it for us. Too many pictures of her posing semi-nude on Twitter seem too try-hard. Deputy editor for MSN Her Zoe Zahra summed it up perfectly: "To me, women like Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani are all sexy because they are comfortable with their figures and know what they want in life without shoving it down your throat."
There would be a collective eye-roll if I said to any man that intelligence and self-assurance were key components of a sexy woman's make-up. But are men really that shallow that all it takes is a tiny bikini and a low-cut top?
What do you think makes a sexy woman?
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