Q&A: Amy Childs talks about her new swimwear range

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Amy Childs(CAN Associates Ltd)
She’s already conquered Essex, survived Celebrity Big Brother, starred in her own reality show and designed a sell-out range of dresses, and now Miss Amy Childs is on a mission to get us all looking reem on the beach. MSN caught up with Amy to get the low-down on her new swimwear range, and some all-important tips on how to get beach body ready.
Since leaving TOWIE you've been really busy building your own brand. Were you always planning to design a swimwear collection?
I've always wanted to bring out my own swimwear, because you know obviously I like looking good on the beach. So yeah, and I was really excited, I wanted it to be absolutely perfect.
So would you say this is your dream swimwear collection?
Definitely. I just wanted something really different, and these prints really worked for me, they're also really classy. It was hard work, there was a lot of back and forth - what will work, what won't work with me, and now I've done it and I really really enjoyed it.
I think most people would have thought of you as a bikini girl, but there are more swimsuits than bikinis in your collection, how comes?
You know what, I've got to say, I love an all in one. I don't know really, I'm not body conscious at all, and I love wearing bikini's, but there's something a bit more sexy about a swimming costume I think, and that's why I did four and just three bikinis.
Who would you say your swimwear is aimed at?
I wanted them to be really classy, and I want every age to wear them. There is one for everybody in my swimwear collection. They come in small, medium and large, but the busts and bottoms are adjustable so you can make them bigger or smaller. Obviously you know I do love my bikini's, but also I wanted to make it for absolutely everyone as well, you know, because there are girls out there that don't want to get all their bodies out, so I've done a few with like a little bit in between, because some people don't want to get their tummy's out, so I've tried to do something for everyone.
Which bikinis and costumes do you think will work for which body shapes?
They're all so different, and you can mix them as well, which is brilliant for affordability factor. Prices range from £50-£85, and you can adjust them all at the front and back. One of the swimsuits goes four different ways so you can vary the look. I want them to work for every age and every size.
Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
I'm going to say the Marbella is my favourite. It is the most expensive, but it is lovely, and you can use it four different ways. You can tie it at the front, at the back, and when you sunbathe you literally unravel the straps and sunbathe and get a perfect tan.
We all know you like to look good on the beach - how many pieces of swimwear do you take on holiday with you?
Well, ohmigod, where do I start? You know what, if I'm going for a week I probably take a few, probably 15! I've just come back from Dubai, so I took a about, I think I took about a few of my collection, a few others, probably about ten. I only went away for like 6 days! I won't wear all of them though.
What advice would you give to girls who are worried about getting their bodies out on the beach?
Do you know what, I just say, girls before you go away go to the gym, it'll make you feel better.
And what about you - do you have a pre-beach beauty regime?
Definitely! Before I have a nice exfoliation, a nice moisturise, I do go to the gym, I do work out, I eat sensible, and I'm ready to go away!
We have to ask - how's life after TOWIE? Do you miss it at all?
God you know TOWIE'S so long ago, I've not been in it for ages now. I still watch it, I still think it's a great show. I've missed so much because obviously I've been away. It's still a great show.
And do you think we'll be seeing any of the remaining TOWIE girls rocking your swimwear?
You know what, I spoke to Lucy, she was on the same flight with me to Dubai, and I spoke about my swimwear, and she's got such a lovely body Lucy, and I said look, all my swimwear would be perfect on you. They've all got lovely bodies, and I think they'll look lovely in them. Definitely the TOWIE girls should wear my collection I would love that.
Now obviously your new swimwear range is only for women, but what do you like to see men wearing on the beach?
Definitely no to speedos. No, I like, not too long, not like the surfer ones, the normal trunks, but they're a bit baggy - not the skin tight ones, I can't stand that.
Amy's swimwear range is available to purchase from www.amychildsofficial.co.uk Photographs: CAN Associates Ltd Amy was shot on location at The Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden www.thesanctuary.co.uk
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