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Nicole Hopkirk
Kelly Hoppen(Rex Features)
Kelly Hoppen joined us at MSN this afternoon for a live chat where she told us all about how she got into the world of interior design, what she loves about the business and how you can be a success in any field if you have the passion, motivation and aren't afraid to ask for help.
Kelly Hoppen started out in interior design when she was just 16. She found she had a flare for it and has always loved designing her own properties: "I design all the interiors to my own home but it's always more difficult designing for myself - my staff say I'm the client from hell!" said Kelly. "The trouble is I want everything I design for my clients - there are too many choices and so many ideas it's impossible!"
It was when Kelly bought her first flat - and designed it on a shoestring budget - that she developed her flare for natural fabrics, hemps, linens and boutique furniture. "I remember going to a store on Great Titchfield Street to get my fabrics and that's how I started my style (there was also an awful lot of pine, I'm embarrassed to say)." When asked how she stayed looking so good, Kelly revealed her secrets are exercising regularly, eating healthy food and sleeping a lot: "I don't drink too much and I laugh a lot too," she added. And on the subject of building a successful business, Kelly said; "I'm dyslexic and I can't add up but I'm good at looking at things in a strategic way. Everyone makes mistakes, you shouldn't put yourself down and you should always ask for help. We can't be good at everything but it's important co concentrate on the areas you're really good at and follow your instincts. "Go and do work experience, we have work experience projects happening throughout the year at Kelly Hoppen. I've had people who have come in for experience who have ended up being great designers.
"If you really know what you want, go into the business straight away. But you have to put the time in - success is not a day job." Find out what else Kelly said in our webchat transcript .
Kelly Hoppen is working with QVC and the Prince's Trust to inspire a generation facing record youth unemployment. Find out more at .
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