Q&A: singer Jess Mills talks women's issues

If you can achieve that, some of the goals of feminism are being reached already. But not until all women can feel this is the job really done.
It's about struggle, but also about celebrating ambition and that's why Friday night will be such an amazing evening. It will be a chance to look back and see what's been achieved but also to focus on what needs to be done still.
Will you be asking for anything weird backstage at EQUALS Live and what will you do just before you go on stage?
I like to be quite still and sit by myself for half an hour before a gig. Rider-rise I'm pretty rough and ready: beers and a bottle of vodka to get stuck into afterwards. And bacon sandwiches so if you haven't eaten you won't get too smashed on all the booze!
ActionAid is one of over 30 organisations that make up EQUALS. If you want to get involved with big equality debate now you can try the ActionAid Bollocks to Poverty app that gives your Facebook profile a 1950s makeover (because inequality isn't just a thing of the past!). Or get on Facebook to pester your EQUAL and or treat yourself to a ticket to EQUALS Live at the Southbank on Friday 9 March. Annie Lennox is hosting a night of live music with performances from Katy B, Jess Mills and Emeli Sandé.
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